Daily Bulletin

New Buffalo High School Bulletin for Saturday, September 19, 2020

Drinking Fountains: Drinking fountains will be operational, but to be used ONLY to fill water bottles.

Free/Reduced Lunch Applications: Free / Reduced Lunch Applications – Please complete the application online at the following link: https://www.lunchapp.com or pick up an application in the Office

Community Service Twenty hours of community service and a 500 word essay is required to graduate.

REMINDER: Wear a Mask, Keep 6 Feet Apart/ Use Hand Sanitizer, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Bison Strong!

New Student Drivers: Students must complete a driver application to park in the school parking lot. Applications may be found in the high school office.

No Parking: Students are not to park in the West end parking lot until 3:30pm Monday through Friday. Violation may result in detention.

Selective Service System: Register Now Men living in the U.S., citizen and non-citizens alike, are required by law to register with Selective Service at 18 years old. Men who register with Selective Service remain eligible for federal student financial aid, state-funded student financial aid, federal employment, state employment, job training under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, security clearances, and U.S. citizenship for immigrant men. For more information, see Why Register. Selective Service accepts early registrations as young as 17 years and 3 months. The Selective Service System has not now, or in the past, collected or shared any information which would indicate a man's immigration status, either documented or undocumented.

Student Senate: Student Senate members - There will be a virtual Student Senate meeting this Tuesday night at 7:30. Please check your school email for details and the Zoom link. If you are unable to attend, please notify Ms. Scoggin or Ms. Ingle ahead of time.

Purchase a Yearbook! Right now is the best time to purchase your yearbook. The Back-to-School special price is set at only $45, personalization is $6 and then four icons will be added for FREE (normally each icon costs $3.50 each)! You are encouraged to go online to purchase your yearbook at www.jostensyearbooks.com

Athletic Attendance: Attendance for athletics events this year is very different. Please know that only a select number of tickets are provided to each team a few days prior to the game, whether it is home or away. Those tickets are intended for parents, guardians, and family members. These tickets are the only way someone can get into a game. All spectators are to follow the 6 foot rule unless sitting with a parent or family member.

Student Food Allergies Student Food Allergies- It is highly recommended to PRE ORDER meals online. Visit www.nbas.org and click on menus for more information.

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